Creative Pick!: Al Letson & his IMPERFECT comic series (SUPPORT!)

Creative Pick!: Al Letson & his IMPERFECT comic series (SUPPORT!)

wpid-3_9392_cover5.jpegWhen we found out that one of our favorite creatives, Al Letson, was launching his first comic book series that featured a Black teen-aged girl with superpowers, we had to two words to say, “Love it!” If you aren’t familiar with Letson he  is a storyteller/poet/playwright/actor/public radio host/comic book writer. You may recognize the name if you are a fan of The Moth Radio Hour or an avid listener of NPR/PRX stations which airs Letson’s State of the Re:Union  on more than 320 stations across the country. He is kind of awesome.

The premise of Imperfect: The Five Faces of Eve is quite simple:  Eve Barber is an average kid, until puberty hits and everything starts to change. Her parents die in a freak accident, a war breaks out between mad scientists and religious zealots, her body transforms in what she feels are hideous ways, and her extraordinary powers manifest. Eve can create avatars. They are five individuals that can go out and experience the world for her: her parents, her best friend, the boy she loves and the girl she resents. Eve can’t control the Avatars– they have a mind of their own. But they’ve found a way to work together… to become a family.

He is currently running a kickstarter campaign to produce the first installment of the series. Take a look at the video below and consider supporting a project that reflects the type of progressive art sorely missing in the comic book and sci-fi genres of writing.

Support Imperfect today!

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