DJ Cleveland Browne Wants to Know feat. Rich Medina

DJ Cleveland Browne Wants to Know feat. Rich Medina

KellieandRichIf you didn’t know, I wear a few different hats for Team LSP and have recently added one more to the rotation.  Hiya, everyone, DJ Cleveland Browne here! I’m over the moon with excitement and can’t wait  to share my additions to the LSP Creative Picks! I’m always running across cool music, interesting reads and having great conversations with fascinating Creatives and it’s only fitting that I share. For my inaugural post, I present to you:  “DJ Cleveland Browne Wants to Know…”

I decided to start off with a bang, and what better way to do that than to talk to the Man, the Myth, the Legend himself, DJ Rich Medina!  Check out his responses to my questions, learn more about Rich Medina and make sure to look out for him when he’s in your area!


DJ Cleveland Browne: You can only give ONE solid piece of advice to budding DJs. GO!
Rich Medina: Do not assume that your computer will do the dirty work for you. Study your music and be alert to the protocols of playing vinyl records so that you can translate that to your digital efforts. There’s no geometry without simple math. Analog records are your simple math, like it or not.

DJCB: So, you’re packing for a trip. Your bag is small. You can only pack five records. GO!
1. Fela Anikulapo Kuti & The Afrika 70 featuring Ginger Baker LP
2. A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Marauders LP
3. Erykah Badu-New Amerykah LP
4. Body & Soul Volume 2 LP( NYC party w/Joe Clusell, Danny Krivit & Francois K)  (        Unmixed)
5. James Brown Popcorn LP

DJCB:  What were the last three books you read?
1. How Music Works by David Byrne
2. The Fab 5 by Mitch Albom
3. How To Be Black by Baratunde Thurston

DJCB: What do you do when you’re not Rich Medina, DJ, dad and hubby? What are your pastimes? How do you wind down?
RM:  Basketball is my shrink. The studio is my muse. MMA is my counselor ( I do’nt fight, but I’m a rabid fan). A well-rolled joint is my sedative. I just sit still and attempt to empty myself of responsibility

DJCB:  You’ve traveled all over the world. What’s the best and/or oddest meal you’ve ever eaten during your travels?
RM:  Raw egg noodles in Morioka City in the north of Japan. Bugged me the hell out.

DJCB:  You get granted the wish of seeing any two artists (living or deceased) collaborate on a record. Who are you picking and why?
RM: Donnie Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. Genius plus genius equals timeless music.

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