Culture Pick!: Zadie Smith at Sixth and I

Culture Pick!: Zadie Smith at Sixth and I

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Zadie Smith is a British novelist nonpareil.  Her debut work White Teeth and her third novel On Beauty garnered critical acclaim for their descriptions of immigrant life and being interracial in British society. Neither book holds anything back. In On Beauty especially, Smith mixes it up by addressing what it means to be black and upper class; black and conservative; black and insert anything that goes against the grain here. Since On Beauty ‘s debut in  2005, readers have anxiously awaited Smith’s next work.

The wait is finally over. With Smith’s new work, NW, she takes on social issues (yet again) by featuring four main characters who all hail from a housing project in the Northwest corner of London.  The novel picks up the four later on in adult life. Some of them have succeeded and some have not.  What will be familiar to DMV residents is the idea that we all exist in our own separate worlds within the city – that is until something happens that shakes everything up.

The great news is that Smith will be in D.C. to discuss and read from her newest novel on Thursday, October 18th at the Sixth and I Synagogue (600 I Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20001) at 7pm. The event is in conjunction with Politics and Prose bookstore, and tickets are only $27 which includes a copy of the book. A book signing will follow. Doors open at 6 pm.

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