DJ Cleveland Browne Wants to Know feat. MonicaBlaire

DJ Cleveland Browne Wants to Know feat. MonicaBlaire

monicaLiL SoSo Productions is so excited to partner with Keya Maeesha to bring the good folks of Chocolate City what may very well be thee most intimate night of music that they’ll ever experience!  In preparation for Date Night DC, I caught up with the headliner of the show, singer/songwriter MonicaBlaire. Check out her answers below and I hope  to see some of you tomorrow night at Date Night DC.

DJ Cleveland Browne: It’s  been a while since we’ve heard any music from your personal vault. The last project you dropped, Portraits of Me, came out in 2006. What can fans expect from your new project,  The { } Between?
Monica Blaire:  This new project has become a scrapbook of where I’ve been since 2006. It’s really about my journey personally and career wise, from a real “inside my head” vantage point.

DJCB: What is your idea of a romantic date night?
MB: Hmmmm…. food is definitely involved!  Lots of it.  Chill stuff.  Burning candles at home and being comfortable. Watching a thought provoking/sexy movie  like ‘She’s Gotta Have It’.  Having good conversation. Something real simple. He could even massage me while we’re talking.

DJCB: So, you’re getting ready for your date night and you are making a playlist but it can only consist of five songs. What would they be?

1: Come Live With Me Angel – Marvin Gaye
2: Body Party – Ciara
3: Cherish The Day – Lalah Hathaway and Robert Glasper
4: All of Me – John Legend
5: Poinciana – Ahmad Jamal

Honorable Mention: Love to Ball – Marvin Gaye

DJCB: Name one thing that you always do before a date.
MB: I’m very much into the ritual of getting ready for something. So playing the get ready music. Taking a shower or a sexy bath. Doing the hair. Doing the makeup. Doing the boob check.

DJCB: What does intimacy mean to you?
MB: For me to a large degree, its about being connected personally with where you are.  How conscious and aware of who you REALLY are. It’s about being transparent with yourself so that you can be fully engaged with other human beings. Which by the way, is one of the most challenging things there is.  We’re designed to be perpetually distracted, so intimacy oftentimes is a quest to move far far away from distractions; which is not where we’re expected to function. We’re expected to function on a high level while we’re distracted. The act of being intimate is a revolutionary act if you really think about it.

DJCB:  You get granted the wish of working with any two artists (living or deceased) to collaborate on a record. Who are you picking and why?
MB: Freddie Mercury and Ahmad Jamal. Freddy Mercury has the ability to articulate vocally the soundscape Ahmad Jamal creates when he plays the piano. I’ve never see Ahmad Jamal work with vocalists, so it would prove to be a very interesting combo.

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