Style Pick!: AxelF Prom Style Guide (Gents)

Style Pick!: AxelF Prom Style Guide (Gents)


No matter how many times you starched and ironed the pleats on your new tuxedo shirt those suckas just would not stay down! No problem. No one noticed them under the sexy brocade smoking jacket your uncle gave you. Mom picked up your cap toes from the cobbler, all shiny and smooth, free of traction, perfect for soul slidin’ across a gym dance floor. You were ready. So ready, it conjured the urge to wash your father’s Dodge Colt earlier that day, so in return, you could escort your beautiful high school crush to the Senior prom in it. Boutonniere in place, you tightened up your bow tie, took one last pat to your gumby, and made your way out the house to grab your date who was adorned in neon lace and a death wish from her loving father. Naturally.

Back then it seemed things would never change. Who says they have to? Summon your eternal fresh with these prom looks that are both nostalgic and modernly fly. Start by abandoning the notion of a traditional tuxedo, and opting for more relaxed pieces like colored jackets, slim chino pants, t-shirts and multi-colored captoes.  Wop off the beaten path in black and white plaid pants and tattered tuxedo shirts with undone bow-ties. A man displaying a bout of rebellion is always more intriguing than a square just playing it straight. Finish your outfit with a baseball cap, your signature cuff links, and wait… Are those suede shell tops? Boy you haven’t changed one  bit.

Ladies, still in need of guidance? Click here for Sharon’s suggestions.

Sharon Cyrus also known as The Silent Stylist, is our fashion and style writer who knows about trends and keeps us up on emerging designers. Got a Pick! for Sharon? Contact her here or on Twitter at @SilentStylist.

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