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Food Pick!: Williams-Sonoma Pentagon City Closing Sale

Food Pick!: Williams-Sonoma Pentagon City Closing Sale

Photo Courtesy of Shonda Goward

Any cook knows that his or her tools matter just as much as the ingredients. Quality pots and pans heat evenly, good cutting boards don’t dull your knives, and well Star Wars cookie cutters are just plain fun. If you’re looking to build your kitchen collection then head over to Williams-Sonoma’s Pentagon City mall location before January 20th. This location is closing and they are offering deals on even the most expensive of cookware such as Le Creuset. At present none of the All Clad was discounted, but a salesperson did hint that many items that were currently not marked down might eventuallybe. Who wouldn’t want a $200 piece of cookware for less than $100?

In addition to cookware, one of the best parts of the sale was the discounted cookbooks. Though I already own Jacques Pepin’s epic instructional texts you’d be wise to snap those up before they’re gone. I did pick up a great book on knife skills for myself, but alas I snagged the last one. Nevertheless, there are other great finds still on the shelves.

Lastly, there are many specialty food items, serveware, dinnerware and dining table linens also on sale.  The adventure fiction geek in me couldn’t resist the $9.99 Star Wars space ship cookie cutters. There were also several Spider Man sets in the bin as well.

Let us know what great deals you find in the comments below!
Shonda Goward is our resident culturalist and foodie with an interest in entertaining, and a know-how about all things domestic, aesthetic and tasteful. Got a LSP Pick!? Contact Shonda here or on Twitter at slg_on_kellyst.

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