LSP Pick!: The Freedom Dance Party Hits DC (03.08)

LSP Pick!: The Freedom Dance Party Hits DC (03.08)


The Freedom Dance Party
Saturday, March 8th

Howard Theatre
620 T Street, NW-WDC
Click here for tickets. Use the promo code ‘SOSO90’ the day of to avoid the price increase.

The Freedom Dance Party is the longest running weekly Friday night dance party in NYC history. Recently the winner of Papermag’s highly coveted award for “Best Party (Peoples Choice)” and runner up in URB Magazine’s “Best Party” nationwide, Freedom was created in 2003 by Herbert Holler, DJ Cosi and Marc Smooth. Their mission was to bring music back to the focal point of the party experience and to provide a weekly home for people from all walks of life to dance and be free, regardless of who they know, what they wear or how much money they make. Playing an incredibly tight mix of danceable, soulful hits from the 60s through today, including hip-hop, house, disco, R&B classics, rock, reggae, 80s, 90s, salsa, merengue, electronica, Afrobeat and more, the Freedom Dance Party continues to fill its dance floor each week with positive, fun, beautiful people from all over the globe looking to have an unforgettable, true NYC party experience.

Our New York heads have been gushing about The Freedom Dance Party for some time now, so we are looking forward to checking out the sets. As supporters of culture, we are excited to welcome NYC to our city, but you know we had to ask the requisite five questions to get a sense of what Freedom is all about. We asked Herbert Holler and this is what he had to say.

LiL SoSo Productions:  When did the Freedom Party start and how long have you been going?
Herbert Holler:  2003. Every single damn Friday since 2003. (11 years)

LSP:  How did you build the brand over the years?
HH: Throwing parties, spinning parties, co-producing parties, making mixes, doing parties in Chicago, doing parties in DC, in Miami, in Kyoto, in Costa Rica, parties parties parties. (When you have a weekly party, that’s all you got time for, pretty much.)

LSP: What has been your best night ever?
HH: Our 10-year anniversary at Central Park Summerstage was nothing short of magical. 3300 people in the rain on a Tuesday doing the Electric Slide to Cameo performing “Candy” LIVE. Insane. On a Friday night, probably our annual MJ tribute of 2013. But the Q Tip night was kinda dope too. And there was something about our Prince tribute that I liked. And our last night at Le Poison Rouge was insane.

LSP: What can DC expect come March 8th?
HH: True NYC vibe, style, energy, love, community, dance floor action, etc.

HH: What is your favorite 90’s-era cut, any genre?
LSP: That’s a very tough question. Um…Shit…Candyman’s “Knockin Boots”?

If you are still not convinced check the video below.

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