LSP Pick!: Small Business Saturday – Kitchen Edition

LSP Pick!: Small Business Saturday – Kitchen Edition

Apple and Pear Tart

Homemade apple and pear tart.
Photo courtesy of Shonda Goward

If you’re a cook then your pantry is more than likely now empty. Thanksgiving brings out the best in those of us who pursue our creativity over a stove, and we end up cooking every childhood favorite we can think of. Along the way we use every tea towel in the house, and realize that if we’re going to do this for the winter holidays there are probably a few supplies we need. I mean come on – I cannot be the only one who buys mini cookie cutters to make pie designs can I?

Here is where Small Business Saturday comes in to save the day. Instead of fighting the lines at big retailers on Friday, I’m waiting until Saturday to walk around D.C. to my favorite local kitchen stores. My first stop will be Hill’s Kitchen at the Eastern Market metro. Hill’s Kitchen has great staples such as well-made Staub and Lodge pots and pans, but I moreso love them for the things I cannot get elsewhere such as state-shaped cookie cutters, and pasta noodles in the logo of college alma maters. Planning a fabulous meal for friends and family means adding the little touches that make it special and Hill’s Kitchen is just the place for finding those must-haves.

My next stop after Hill’s Kitchen will be Home Rule on 14th street. I’m the kind of person who likes all of her kitchen materials to match, and this store has all kinds of accessories to help you do just that. Here you’ll find tea towels and aprons in a variety of colors. They also have several kitchen gadgets that make your homekeeping easier to manage and, more importantly, stylish. The best part of Small Business Saturday at this store is that they are offering 10% off everything in the store. That alone should make you want to skip “Big Boxes are Us” and grab a few things from a local vendor that will make your friends admire your housewares know how.

My final stop for Small Business Saturday will be Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Café on Florida Ave. You can’t have great housewares without any food to put in them! I first encountered Pleasant Pops last summer on a blazing hot day and, like a cooling oasis, I was drawn in by their sign advertising sweet tea flavored ice pops. As a girl who went to college in the South, I was immediately sold. Due to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Pleasant Pops now has a physical location. By this point, I am sure you will be hungry from all of the walking about town. Grab some food at their café, and then snag a few ingredients that you won’t find at the regular grocery store. What’s more, Pleasant Pops shares the provenance of each item they sell so not only are you shopping locally, but you’re also eating locally.

Make a plan and share your Small Business Saturday’s stories here. Happy shopping!

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