LSP Pick!: The Art of Interpretation Benefiting the Students of Howard University

LSP Pick!: The Art of Interpretation Benefiting the Students of Howard University

“Who really determines what is ‘exceptional’, ‘acceptable’, or ‘regrettable’ in our society?”- The Art of Interpretation


bernardbrooks‘Homage to Shango and His Bride’ – Bernard Brooks

The expressions of art through architecture, food, sound, and movement are meant to serve as tableaus for thought during this event. Guests are challenged to examine the idea that “to each his own” is a unique and personal mantra that, when brought together with other views, can create harmony or stir up chaos; while both stimulating conversation and building connections. Reception is from 6:00-9:30 pm on Wednesday May 15, 2013. Tickets are $40 and may be purchased in advance at , or on-site. A portion of the ticket and art sales will benefit the HUAC-GWDC student scholarship and club programs.

The work of eight artists from the Howard University family inspires this one-night-only exhibition, sale, and silent auction, benefiting Howard University students. The reception, hosted by The Howard University Alumni Club of Greater Washington DC, is held at the Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square. TAOI features the work of Bernard and Gwen Aqui-Brooks, Dorian Jay Durrah, Summer Brown, James Jones, Eddie Fontno, and Ronald Waldo Wilson; with DJ Jahsonic on deck providing the soundscape.

Aside from the opportunity to mingle, eat, drink, and be entertained, the purpose for the gathering is very real and immediate. Even as Howard joins countless other American schools in graduating yet another class of students this spring, a recent article in the Washington Post explains why it matters now more than ever to support these undergraduates:

“As of 2011, a more rigorous system of credit checks has denied loans to parents to help with their children’s undergraduate expenses…The changes have had a particularly severe impact on thousands of students at historically black colleges…At Howard alone, 607 students were denied loans.”

Guests, sponsors, and patrons are urged to give via their love of art to create paths forward for our young scholars. We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday. For donations, tickets, artist bios, and detailed event information, please go to


Karen Parker is Chair, Event Logistics for The Art of Interpretation. She received her Bachelor of Science from Howard University in 1991. She remains a proud Alumna and supporter of HUAA.

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