Music Pick!: Emperess- “Love Is A Loaded Gun”

Music Pick!: Emperess- “Love Is A Loaded Gun”

There is a misconception  in hip-hop that women  have to be raunchy and use foul language just to stomp with the big boys. This often  makes it pretty hard to recognize good talent, but I believe, regardless of gender, hip-hop culture is a big enough movement that we can accept all aspects and styles without pigeon-holing folks into a particular box.

One such example is Emperess. Born and raised in the DMV, Emperess not only creates her own lane in hip-hop culture, she invites others to partake through her sick style, ill beat selection, and creative flows. Her imagination knows no bounds which is proven time and time again with each newly released track.

One of my favorites happens to be her most recent release, “Love Is A Loaded Gun”. This story is told from Cupid’s point of view (How dope is that?), and describes love from her disgruntled vantage point. I don’t want to give too much away. This is dope though. I like this. I think you will too.

LISTEN: Emperess- Love Is A Loaded Gun

Keya Maeesha is a music loving numbers cruncher who was raised in the metro area, but writes from NYC. Got a Pick!? Contact Keya here.

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