Style Pick!: AxelF Prom Style Guide (Ladies)

Style Pick!: AxelF Prom Style Guide (Ladies)



We all remember that special night. The feeling of anticipation as your date approached your house. The excitement you felt as you added just one more layer of make-up, an extra splash of your mom’s perfume. The mortification that ran through your veins listening to your defenseless date get interrogated by an overprotective parent.

Fixed on the mirror you checked your dress to be sure everything was perfect, just perfect. Suddenly your senior year of high school flashes before your glitter-lashed eyes, you realize it’s all coming to an end and everything was leading up to this night. What you would give to relive that night once more? If you could, who would be your date, what would you wear, and where on earth would you put that ridiculous corsage this time around?

Prom is definitely an event that encourages you to attend as your most extravagant self. Over the top formal is the dress code here, so it’s only right to drench yourself in sequin everything, full skirt dresses inflated with multi-layer tulle slips and gold lamé frocks so reflective your date can check his fade in it. Shoulder bearing strapless gowns while romantic and stunning become playful with an unexpected artsy clutch or strappy sandal.  Pair a fancy jumpsuit with a tailored jacket for your own feminine take on tux. Chandelier earrings in full spectrum of colors and metallic are always a plus. Throw on a funky cocktail hat with a sparkly body conscious mini dress and sport an embellished pair of ballet flats. What could be girlier than that? Wear what you love, have fun with your outfit and put that corsage wherever you like. See you at prom!

P.S. Guys, I haven’t forgotten about you. Check out my tips for you, here!

Sharon Cyrus also known as The Silent Stylist, is our fashion and style writer who knows about trends and keeps us up on emerging designers. Got a Pick! for Sharon? Contact her here or on Twitter at @SilentStylist.

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