Style Pick!: To Sir Style for the Ladies

Style Pick!: To Sir Style for the Ladies

When pulling together a mod inspired evening look you have to ask yourself, “Who would I have been in 1967?” Consider the zeitgeist of the 1960’s with its explosion of artistic expression, the passion of the civil rights movement, and the colorful influence of psychedelia and pop culture. It was most definitely a great time to be somebody. Maybe you were glamorous, donning layers of metallics, jeweled and mirrored dresses with lucite baubles? Or were you the reserved contrarian, adopting conservative silhouettes, shift mini dresses, styled with severe cat eye make-up and a large blown out Afro? Look to these 60’s icons for ideas and details for your own modernly styled ensemble.

Diana Ross was the queen of glam and sparkle
in the 1960’s.To emulate her style opt for a sequined
dress that is super short or luxuriously floor length.
Finish with satin footwear, colorful accessories and
a sleekly pulled back ponytail or simple bob hairstyle. 



Go where no woman in her time had ever
gone before with Nichelle Nichols’ futuristic
mod style. Color blocked, fitted “wiggle” dresses
with sweetheart necklines or cocktail dresses in
strapless variations are certainly the way to
go to achieve her look. Step in on sandals with
geometric detailing andsculpted heels of extreme
heights to fashionably reach that final frontier. 
Angela Davis would never have admitted to being a
fashionista of any kind, but little did she know that
while her focus was on the revolution, she
revolutionized the notion of intelligent dress. Pair
basic shift dresses in muted color combinations
with boots and sandals made of organic
materials like leather and raffia to evoke her anti-style. 



60’s fashion wouldn’t have flourished as much
as it did without the coveted long legs, a-lined
scaled dresses, asymmetrical bowl hairstyles
and beautifully long batting eyelashes of
Donyale Luna. To create her look go for the bold.
Mini dresses should carry weighty mirrors
and crystals. Heels or t-strapped sandals
must be covered in jewels to match. Low afro
ponytails with dramatic eye make-up,
a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings or clutch will
provide the final polish to your ‘To Sir’ evening look. 


Sharon Cyrus also known as The Silent Stylist, is our fashion watch writer who knows about trends and keeps us up on emerging designers. Got a Pick! for Sharon? Contact her here or on Twitter at @SilentStylist.

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