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KKS4 EP 2 | Being a Daughter in Morocco Kat's Korner: The Podcast

EPISODE 2 We’re on location in Morocco! As you may know, traveling has been a big part of my identity, and while I was in Morocco, I decided to record this particular episode because I don't know if I'll be able to access emotionally, what this trip has done for me once I fly back home. And this trip has been an unexpectedly transformative one. About Kat: Founder and owner of LiL SoSo Productions, Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi lives a varied life from being a radio and podcast host, a creative director, a writer and professor, a motivator and a traveler. It is from all of these roles the term “cultural architect” comes when describing what she does. As a cultural architect, Kat is mainly concerned with creating meaningful Black content and experiences, pulling on the global Black thread that brings the element of “cool” wherever it is stitched in. Links: Follow Kat on Instagram @katskornerco Follow LiL SoSo on Instagram @lsp_onthego Kat’s website | LiL SoSo Audio credits: Opening and Closing Music Audio editing and mixing | Aileen Andrada of Your Pod Bud Podcast Management Services Produced by LiL SoSo Productions — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/katskorner/message
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