Press Release: The Red Tent Symposium

Press Release: The Red Tent Symposium

Thursday, March 3, 2011
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Candice N. Mackel
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The Red Tent Symposium, A Celebration of Women in the Month of March
Real Women. Real Talk. Real Solutions.

Washington, DC (Wednesday, March 2, 2011) In celebration of  Women’s History Month, LiL SoSo Productions is delighted to present “The Red Tent Symposium for Women: Problem Solving Outside of the Framework”. This unique women-only event based on the very popular fictional novel, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, will feature an all-day program Saturday, March 26th from 9am-3:30pm at the John A. Wilson building in Washington, DC.

The program on March 26th will feature workshops and sessions on the following topics: The Vital Role of Women-Centered Relationships, Happily Ever After?…, It’s Okay to Walk Away: When Friendships Run Their Course, The Balancing Act: Is There Such a Thing as Doing Too Much?, When Talking to ’The Girls’ Is No Longer Enough, Body Love: Honoring the Self Everyday and When the Going Gets Tough, How to Keep Going. Women from all walks of life are invited to participate, especially college and young women between the ages of 13-17 (with a guardian). In the 21st century it is vital that women continue to embrace and nurture each other in the real and created bonds of sisterhood.

The creator of the symposium and Associate Professor of English at Prince George’s Community College, Risikat Okedeyi states, “This symposium is about who you are as a woman, not necessarily what you do. We have over 25 women sharing insights based on their life experiences. The panel topics are varied, but address the things that we often shy away from. As women we have to accept that the “framework” doesn’t always meet our needs or expectations. It’s time for real talk and real solutions. For all who enter the red tent, this will be the primary objective.”

The Red Tent Symposium will kick off with a “We Exchange” reception on Friday, March 25th at Tap n’ Parlour located on historic U St in Washington, DC from 5-8pm. This will serve as an opportunity for the registrants to pick up symposium materials and mingle with other attendees and panel presenters. An optional brunch in partnership with the Smart Chicks collective will be held on Sunday, March 27th from 12pm-3pm at Tabaq Bistro. This will serve as a way to re-connect after an intense day of information sharing and fellowship. For more information on the event and how to register for The Red Tent Symposium for Women, please visit


About LiL SoSo Productions Founded in September 2001, LiL SoSo Productions (LSP) is woman-owned and run production company that focuses on event concepts and support for performing artists. With over 12 years of domestic and international planning experience, LSP has been a noted force in live music and concept event planning in the metropolitan DC area.

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