Kat’s Korner

Greetings Good People!

In addition to being the founder and owner of LSP, I live a varied life doing a bunch of other stuff. It is from all of these places the term “cultural architect” comes when describing what I do. It is also from this well that many of my concept ideas and creative consulting perspectives come from, so I thought it would be best to lay it out as best as I could. Feel free to click on the images below to learn more about me and my ways and thanks for your interest and support!


I developed this term to describe my practice, because it was becoming increasingly hard to explain my artistry and quite frankly, none of what was available to me at the time, fit. It took a seven-hour ferry to Amsterdam to finally hone in on these words and ever since, it has been a beautiful match made in creative heaven. So in a nutshell, cultural architecture is the act and practice of seeing culture as the inherent foundation of a community. It establishes that culture is the driving force that propels us forward and understands that even without acknowledgment, culture exists as a multi-sensory aspect of human life. It is in the DNA of every major movement, trend, and everyday happening. To create without an understanding of this is to create from a place falsehood and erasure. 


To me, culture is also a political statement, a viable art form, a safe space…you get where I am going with this. Culture happens when a group of folks decide whether intentionally, or unconsciously that a way of being is suitable. This means that within a culture, many sub-cultures exist all being powered by the same understanding. In the end, culture is energy, dynamic and robust when allowed to flow. When it is contained or stagnated, what is reflected may not be as beautiful, but it is still culture. As a cultural architect, I am mainly concerned with the Black diaspora and reflecting it in meaningful content and experiences. I am interested in pulling on the global Black thread that brings the element of “cool” wherever it is stitched into a tapestry that has existed for thousands of years. I keep the light shining and reflect the brilliance and the mundane, because all of it is necessary for forward movement.  Wherever I can, I will highlight, celebrate and most of all remember the ones that came before me because culture at its essence is spectrum where things are old, new and reborn simultaneously..