I developed this term to describe my practice, because it was becoming increasingly hard to explain my artistry and quite frankly, none of what was available to me at the time, fit. It took a seven-hour ferry to Amsterdam to finally hone in on these words and ever since, it has been a beautiful match made in creative heaven. So in a nutshell, cultural architecture is the act and practice of seeing culture as an inherent foundation. It establishes culture first in every blueprint, and understands that even without acknowledgment, culture exists. It is in the DNA of every major movement, trend, and everyday happening. To create without an understanding of this is to create from a place falsehood. 

To me, culture is also a political statement, a viable art form, a safe space…you get where I am going with this. Culture happens, it does not require much of anything to exist, it just does. As a cultural architect, I am mainly concerned with creating meaningful Black content and experiences. I am interested in pulling on the global Black thread that brings the element of “cool” wherever it is stitched in and quite frankly, it is stitched in everywhere. Wherever I can, I will highlight it, celebrate it and most of all remember the ones that came before me.