About LSP - LiL SoSo Productions
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About LSP

What exactly is cultural architecture?

It is what we do and who we are!  We take the abstract elements from just about anything–a line in a book, a fashion statement. a movement, etc and weave multiple elements like music, food, language, and aesthetics together to create one memorable experience. Our concepts are constantly reinventing how we look at the past and think about the future. Whether it’s a formal evening affair set in 1920’s Paris, or a multi-level airport inspired DJ fete, LSP’s concepts always have culture at the center.


What does LSP do?

Some things are easier to show than tell, so take a look!


Where does the company’s name come from?

LiL SoSo Productions is named after Sofiyat O. Okedeyi who was Kat’s younger sister. Sofi died in June of 2001, at the age of 15, from liver failure.  “I knew I wanted to start a company and that it would have to be named in honor of Sofi.  Lil’ Soso was one of her nicknames, so I modified the spelling and LiL SoSo Productions, LLC was born.”


What is the significance of the LSP logo?

The logo is a tribute to Kat’s mother and sister. The starbursts seen within the “S” symbolize these two very important people.  “LSP’s imagery is a reflection of the things that are important to me. My mom and sister are a reminder not to give up. The logo and the company name are my way of keeping their energies close to me,” says Kat.


What is event concept production?

It is how we create the experiences we call ‘The LSP Effect’! We are not simply putting “twists” on the old, we are starting anew. Each event is a production that goes from a dream state to a realized actuality, so details are always important. We think that nightlife can be fun and engaging. For LSP it is always about pushing the boundaries of what is considered “hip” to what will be timeless. The little things are what make a difference and LSP excels at just that.

How does LSP work with Creatives?

Creatives are not limited to artists in the traditional sense, but include entrepreneurs whose work is centered around creative expression. We sell peace of mind and engage services in three ways:  , Branding & Marketing, Chaos Management and Direction & Curation. The goal is gently guide creatives towards consistency by offering them real-world solutions and assistance in three to six months.

What are LSP’s ultimate goals?

To share the LSP Effect with the world. We have the vision and expertise. Are you ready to partner with the future of cultural entertainment? You should be.